Open Design


Every request to Open Design API is authenticated with an access token. This token gives full access to your account, so make sure to protect it like you would a password. To learn more about how to use the token and the API, check out the quickstart.

All requests to Open Design API need to be authenticated with a token with the Authorization header:

There are two different types of tokens you can provide:

Test Token

Use this form to generate a test token. This can be used to evaluate Open Design API and see if it fits your needs. It is limited to processing 10 files per day and will expire after 2 weeks. If you need more time to test things out or want to learn more about the API, just contact us.


Production Token

You can contact us to generate a production token. This token doesn't have any limits and can be used in a production application. We'll work together to create a per-design pricing plan that works for you.